Kristy Bostick’s Journey from Career to Compassion, Supporting Myrtle Beach’s Law Enforcement Heroes

“Growing up, 911 was the first number I was ever taught,” says Kristy Bostick, civilian board member of the Myrtle Beach Police Foundation (“MBPF” or “Foundation”). “We have police officers that come in, without hesitation, and do their jobs to the fullest. I am so glad to be a part of a Foundation that gets to help the people who help us and ask nothing in return.”

Kristy Bostick is more than a dedicated member of the board; she is a true embodiment of selflessness and commitment to her community. Through her unwavering dedication, Kristy plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the law enforcement officers of Myrtle Beach have the vital resources they need. Her involvement with the Foundation underscores a profound belief in the importance of supporting those who protect and serve, showcasing a compassion which resonates deeply within the community and beyond.

A Journey of Compassion

Kristy’s involvement with the MBPF is a direct result of her rich and compassionate work history. As a dedicated neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) respiratory therapist, she honed her skills in caring for the most vulnerable and fragile infants, showcasing her unwavering commitment to improving lives. Her journey took a pivotal turn when she transferred to the San Antonio Military Medical Center, where she joined the burn unit to aid soldiers wounded in the Iraq War. This profound experience exposed her to the physical and emotional challenges these brave individuals faced, fueling her determination to make a lasting impact. “I’m the type of person that if I am asked to do something, I want to help. Being a part of that burn unit was an honor,” she said. Kristy’s unique blend of expertise and empathy now drive her efforts within the Myrtle Beach Police Foundation, where she channels her dedication to provide support and healing to those in need.

From Career to Calling

After a move from Las Vegas to Myrtle Beach, that same dedication drove Kristy to search for yet another opportunity to help those in need while raising her son, Jackson.

“Medicine was all I ever knew until I got married and had a child. It’s amazing where life takes you. When you think you’ll be working and then all of the sudden you have a child, it changes you,” Kristy admits.

Her journey of service in Myrtle Beach began with a desire to make a positive impact on her son’s education. As she watched him navigate his school years, she became acutely aware of the challenges faced by both students and teachers. Recognizing the need for additional support and supplies in her son’s school, Kristy knew she had the skills and determination to help bridge that gap. As her involvement in the community deepened, she heard about a pressing need from the Myrtle Beach Police Department for new vests to ensure the safety of officers on duty. Through her network, Kristy was connected to Chief Amy Prock, igniting a partnership that would further amplify her commitment to serving her community and ensuring the safety and well-being of those who protect it. “We got a hold of Chief Prock and we wanted to help. They needed new vests. It takes a lot of money, but if we can get the word out that we have a Foundation, I think people would be willing to help. With more community involvement, things would go a lot smoother. If we’re divided, we fail. If we’re divided, we fall.”

A Pillar of Support

The Myrtle Beach Police Foundation came into existence on April 30, 2021, marking a significant milestone in its journey to make a positive impact. Its founders, driven by a deep sense of purpose and a vision for a better future, established the Foundation with a commitment to serve their community. About a year ago, the organization received its official nonprofit status, a crucial validation of its mission to support and uplift the officers and their families. The Foundation’s Board is composed of three civilians, two retired police officers, and four active duty officers, who gather to organize events, allocate funds, and handle administrative tasks.

“The whole purpose of the Foundation is to get more community engagement and increase awareness for our officers that are in need,” Kristy says. These funds then have profound impacts on the lives of law enforcement in Myrtle Beach. “We’ve had a police officer whose house was on fire and he lost everything. Sometimes insurance doesn’t cover everything, and that’s when the Foundation is there to help,” she said.

Their budget is maintained through sponsorships, donations, and community events, then distributed to various causes including, but not limited to, the maintenance of the Myrtle Beach Police K-9 Unit, First Responder Fund, Memorial Fund, and Scholarship Funds. “The Foundation is dedicated to supporting officers through funding for equipment, training, scholarships, projects, injured officers, and unfortunately some of the officers that may pass in the line of duty. We are here to support them and their families,” Kristy says.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department has been fortunate to have had a remarkably low number of line of duty deaths throughout its history, with only three tragic instances documented since 1949. The most recent loss occurred in 2021 when Officer Jacob Hancher, a dedicated and courageous member of the force, made the ultimate sacrifice while serving and protecting the community. These rare and solemn occurrences serve as stark reminders of the inherent risks that law enforcement officers face daily, highlighting the importance of supporting and honoring the brave men and women who commit their lives to safeguarding our cities. “My dream vision would be to raise as much money as we can so that the Department is not lacking in any equipment or supplies,” Kristy notes. “I would hate for an officer to go to work and there’s a shooting and he only has the front vest because we didn’t have enough money to purchase the back. I want to see the Department fully stocked with all the supplies they need, including scholarships. We need to have recruits and people who aren’t afraid to join the police force,” she urges. Kristy says that the Foundation is so new that one of the ways to best support the Force is to spread awareness of their needs. “We are so new that just creating awareness and getting the word out is a really big thing,” she said. Through word of mouth, Kristy believes that spreading the importance of the Foundation can help garner the most support for the organization, leading to additional funding, an increase in community events, and a bigger scholarship fund that will help promote the growth of new recruits at the Myrtle Beach Police Department.

Community Service in Her Own Backyard

Myrtle Beach, known for its sun-kissed shores and vibrant atmosphere, is also a place where the bonds of community run deep. In this coastal haven, residents share not just the beauty of their surroundings but also a tight-knit sense of belonging. It’s a place where neighbors know each other’s names, and where the spirit of togetherness thrives. In such a close-knit community, volunteering time and effort can be incredibly impactful, and it certainly is for Kristy. “They love their jobs. It’s an honor to be sitting beside them. They all have hearts of gold,” Kristy explains about the officers the Foundation helps to serve. “I’d love to be a part of this Foundation for as long as I can. Coming from medicine, this is completely out of my wheelhouse; it’s taken me out of my comfort zone, but I’ve seen how much help we’ve been able to provide in the short time the Foundation has been around.”

Kristy, deeply embedded in the Myrtle Beach community, firmly believes that spreading the word about the Foundation can have extraordinary impacts. With the community’s strong sense of unity and support, raising awareness about the Foundation can not only amplify its reach but also strengthen its mission. The upcoming events, including the Jacob Hancher Memorial 5k on November 4, and the eagerly anticipated Golf Tournament in February 2024, are not just occasions for remembrance and enjoyment but also vital fundraisers that will provide the necessary funds for the Foundation to continue its essential work in supporting officers in need. Kristy knows that the community’s involvement in these events can create a meaningful and lasting legacy, ensuring that the Foundation can continue its vital mission of care and support for those who protect and serve. “It’s not about yourself,” Kristy says, regarding the importance of service in one’s own community. “It’s about helping those in need. To see them when they don’t have to worry, it does something inside that just makes you feel really good. There’s nothing like it.”

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