Recent Profiles

Bonnie Silk’s Road Led to Neighbor to Neighbor

By Dawn Bryant | April 17, 2024

When Bonnie Silk’s beloved husband Tom was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, she suddenly found herself literally in the driver’s seat. “He was the driver – always,” Silk said. “I became […]

Heather Edwards’s Vision for Change, Becoming an Advocate for the Visually Impaired

By McKenna Smith | January 31, 2024

“When I was 8 years old, it was my second grade teacher who first started to notice that something was wrong,” says Heather Edwards, President of the South Carolina Chapter […]

Lou Zeller’s Navigation of Environmental Advocacy, A Journey of Transformation and Impact

By McKenna Smith | December 18, 2023

Life’s journey is often punctuated by pivotal moments that can unexpectedly alter the course of one’s path. The same is true for Lou Zeller, former Executive Director and current Strategic […]

Kristy Bostick’s Journey from Career to Compassion, Supporting Myrtle Beach’s Law Enforcement Heroes

By McKenna Smith | October 11, 2023

“Growing up, 911 was the first number I was ever taught,” says Kristy Bostick, civilian board member of the Myrtle Beach Police Foundation (“MBPF” or “Foundation”). “We have police officers […]

Luke Sharp brings joy to people with disabilities by taking them surfing.

By Dawn Bryant | February 7, 2023

Surfer Luke Sharp is always eager to share the stoke. So when a friend was organizing an event to help people with disabilities ride the waves, Sharp didn’t hesitate to […]

Gina Trimarco Finds Helping Others Is The Way to True Success

By Angela Nicholas | March 6, 2022

Chicago born and raised, Gina Trimarco moved to South Carolina at age 39. Immediately involving herself in the community, Gina became a resident who dove into the business community and […]