Emma Claire Everett

Sapphire Hall Provides Education And Creative Awareness To Students

By Emma Claire Everett | July 23, 2020

Sapphire Hall strives to be a leader in her community as a committed student and passionate volunteer. Founder of Creative Flow, a nonprofit that provides free educational materials to students […]

Bennett Twins’ Nonprofit Brings Smiles To Young Girls’ Faces

By Emma Claire Everett | June 14, 2020

Adeyela Bennett and her 12-year-old twin daughters have shown that there are amazing possibilities when you reach out to serve the needs in your community no matter who you are […]

Nilo G. Strives To Preserve Dignity Of Those Afflicted By Breast Cancer

By Emma Claire Everett | May 10, 2020

Though at first a simple backyard gathering with a few friends to raise funds for breast cancer patients, THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser (THE BCF) is now a major nonprofit organization […]

Chance Ledford Is Led To Connect With Others Through Faith

By Emma Claire Everett | April 11, 2020

Chance Ledford exemplifies the qualities of a leader truly dedicated to serving others through the influences of his Christian beliefs. A devoted and passionate disciple, Chance spends much of his […]

The Dailey Sisters Find Meaning In Giving Back Through Community Service

By Emma Claire Everett | March 18, 2020

Anna, Grace and Clare Dailey demonstrate the importance of taking part in service while young through the acts of volunteer work they perform together as sisters. Raised in a household […]

Through CorpsAfrica, Liz Fanning Offers Africans The Opportunity To Serve

By Emma Claire Everett | February 21, 2020

Liz Fanning, founder and executive director of CorpsAfrica, demonstrates the dedication and perseverance that successful leadership requires. CorpsAfrica provides Africans the ability to serve as “Peace Corps” volunteers in their […]