Angela Nicholas

Gina Trimarco Finds Helping Others Is The Way to True Success

By Angela Nicholas | March 6, 2022

Chicago born and raised, Gina Trimarco moved to South Carolina at age 39. Immediately involving herself in the community, Gina became a resident who dove into the business community and […]

Charlene Dougherty Works Hard to Keep Ballroom Dance Viable

By Angela Nicholas | November 19, 2021

Dancing was never a part of her early life, but today — just shy of 65 — Charlene Dougherty cannot imagine life without it. Her love is for ballroom dancing, […]

Woody Ford Focuses on Achievement in His Philanthropic Work

By Angela Nicholas | September 8, 2021

For a quarter of a century, Woody Ford has volunteered with the United Way of Horry County, South Carolina. That sounds like a very long time, but Woody — who […]

Ruby Morgan Recalls Life Experiences Over Last 100 Years

By Angela Nicholas | June 17, 2021

The second child of 13 born to Narvie Washington Ward and Lula Azalee Ashe Ward, Ruby Virginia Morgan spent most of her childhood helping her mother raise the younger children […]

Love of Mountains Sparks Gary Wade’s Dedication to Park’s Preservation

By Angela Nicholas | March 18, 2021

When Gary Wade’s dad traded a 1950 Ford for a piece of land along a riverfront, he probably had no idea that his son would eventually become so inspired by […]

Michael Absher Taps Personal Experience To Provide For Homeless Teens

By Angela Nicholas | December 9, 2020

His wasn’t the typical homeless experience. He wasn’t living out in the weather in a cardboard box. He wasn’t cowering under a bridge trying to fight off the elements. He […]